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Welcome To Blue Dot Electrical

Blue Dot is a professional electrical contractor offering electrical services. We are an owner-managed electrical contracting firm providing excellent services to the domestic and commercial industry.We also perform on-going maintenance for clients, for whom electricity is mission critical.

Commercial & Corporate

We provide corporate and commercial companies with services such as new installations, incorporating modern technology and maintenance of existing structures. 

Industrial & Mining

Our qualified professionals are trained to work with both underground and above ground electrical equipment and their efficiency guarantees service satisfaction.


Whether you are a new home owner or would like to make alterations to your home, Blue Dot Electrical is able to assist you with your electrical requirements.

Why Choose Us

Blue Dot Electrical is an electrical service contractor with a team that’s handpicked from amongst South Africa’s finest. Our dedicated team consists of qualified licensed contractors who are experts in their trade. Weprovide a service that is compliant with industry regulations and proficient service to our customers is our hallmark.  Our staff is trained to work with complex electrical installations in different sectors, giving them a wide range of expertise. The diverse skills in our team enable us to provide customers with customized solutions.
Our team works closely with customers to ensure that we deliver as per customer requirements. No matter the size or complexity of your request, we can offer a reasonable package that will suit your needs. Our staff will be able to assess your requirements and offer recommendations based on assessment results. We provide electrical services for domestic, industrial and mining sectors, as well as commercial and corporate companies.
Our customers want quality and value from our service and that’s what we strive to provide. The electrical supplies we use are energy efficient, safe and sustainable at all levels of production. They are quality tested to ensure that they meet our standards and those required by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).
Consistent high customer ratings and reviews, have encouraged us to continue and improve on our service excellence. We aim to ensure that your systems work seamlessly by paying attention to detail, communicating with our customers throughout the service process and providing valuable feedback.  We want to keep improving our services so we can continue to provide customers with the service that is above standard.
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